Sex crimes can involve both underaged children and adults, violence and a lifetime of grief for the victims. At one point in the nation's history the death penalty was considered reasonable for those convicted of rape. While those days are gone, the convicted individual faces a lifelong sentence consisting of prison and the "jailhouse justice" that often occurs followed by a lifelong requirement of registering as a sex offender, community probation for life, and the stigma that carries.

Sex crimes also carry a high percentage of inappropriate arrests and convictions. One only has to look as far as Barry Scheck's Innocence Project to see that as of this writing nearly 300 individuals convicted and imprisoned for sex crimes have been exonerated. This number may seem small but with limited funds and many cases where the evidence is so badly degraded or missing it clearly indicates innocent individuals are convicted.

The defense of these crimes often involve prejudgment of those who are charged and as such it is vital these individuals receive a proper defense including their constitutional rights. Tull & Marshall, An Association of Attorneys is committed to ensuring everyone charged with a crime receives the full benefit of a well-crafted defense. Defending these crimes is time consuming and often resource intensive as there is often the need for independent experts and laboratory testing. We look at all aspects from the start of the investigation through arrest and after to determine if the individual's rights have been violated. We also look at the testing procedures used by law enforcement to determine if all appropriate procedures were followed. When necessary, we will take the entire case apart looking for errors and/or flaws in the often complex methods used to convict an individual.

Our defense also involves assessments by mental health professionals to aid us in determining how best to defend the individual. This is not an optional part of the process but rather a requirement early in our preparation.

Another area we investigate is whether the individual was charged with the correct crime. Each crime has its own elements and each element must be proven by the state to obtain a conviction. Sometimes the crime charged is inappropriate and we will determine the best course of action in such a situation.

Tull & Marshall, An Association of Attorneys is totally against all sex crimes. However, we do not make judgments with regards to any individual who is so charged. It is our job to defend the individual to the fullest extent possible and to help that individual take specific actions between arrest and trial that are calculated to improve the individual's chances at trial. Our system is not for everyone- those that just want to find an easy way to "beat the charge" should probably look elsewhere. However, for those who want to use all possible means, we have a system that will often serve the individual well. All the warnings about silence and evoking your right to counsel that are discussed in the arrest section apply here. You can reach us day and night at 615.530.5719.

Notice to Immigrants

Immigrants: Never plead guilty to a criminal charge without consulting an attorney. Doing so will have serious consequences on your immigration status. Call our office at 615.530.5719 for an evaluation of your case if you have been charged with any crime.

Inmigrantes: Nunca se declare culpable de un cargo criminal sin consultar a un abogado. Si esto sucede, tendrá consecuencias graves sobre su estatus migratorio. Llame a nuestra oficina al 615.530.5719 para una evaluación de su caso si usted ha sido acusado de algún delito.